Guru name is Guru Sharan Singh Randhawa. Guru was born on 30 August 1991 in Gurdaspur . When the Guru lived in his village as a child, there was no cable TV connection. He used to watch and listen to television and radio in his childhood. When he was in class three, he wanted to see him on TV too after watching serials like Shaktimaan and Shaka Luck Boom Boom. But then he did not understand how he would reach TV or radio. Guru says that his village was drawn very close to Pakistan, due to which he started to understand the way of Punjabi songs.

Personal Information

Born30 August 1991
Birth place Gurdaspur (Punjab)
Father Name Unknown
Mother NameUnknown
SiblingsRamneek Randhawa (Brother)
ProfessionSinger, Song writer,Music composer

Favourite Singers.

The favourite Singer, Bablu Maan, Gurdas Mann, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Diljit Dosanjh.

About Education and College Affair

Guru’s dream was to become a singer from the beginning, but he wanted to complete his education. He told that the native Punjabi singers leave their studies in the middle and come into the industry, due to which they do not understand the professional contract. That is why I must complete my studies by applying to Guru.

About School

He completed his schooling from Gurdaspur and wanted to go to Delhi for further studies.So his father sold his land and sent the Guru to Delhi, the Guru went ahead with an MBA from IIMT College, the Guru says that he fell in love with a girl during college and he proposed a girl to the girl. Wrote the song too.

They just told that most Punjabi singers leave their studies in the middle and come into the industry due to which they do not understand the professional contract. That’s why I must complete my studies by applying.

Guru says,

The girl said that, what are you, and after that they closed this chapter and meditated on their Guru never did professional training for Sing. As much as he has learned singing.

He used to perform whenever he had an opportunity in his college in Delhi and liked her songs in college, which the artist started coming to his college. He used to open in thinking it meant 15 minutes of the Will give Used to do because of which he started.

During college there was a lot of improvement, the Guru met Bohemia and Bohemia was very impressed with him. Bohemia used to take the Guru with him to his concert.

Rejection About Songs

During all this, Guru composed some songs which he wrote. He gave this song and raised it to the level, but nobody liked his songs.

The song was rejected with some, he used to ask for money from them, then somewhere he used to say that your songs do not look like you can change them.

I can add some extra punch, then I know some of the moves, even after facing all these rejections, Guru has not changed the style of his singing and he decided that whenever Bohemia will come with success songs, those days Guru would disappear. told them that you should never leave your studies, which will make you easier. Bohemia told Guru that the name Guru Sharan is quite The name of singer be short so that the audience can share Bohemia used to call him Guru then Gursharan also decided.

About Famous

Will he keep his artist name guru while opening with Bohemia? He became somewhat famous, after which he started appearing on the stage of thinking along with Sangat like Kailash Kher and Sarta. You had a chance to sing in search but Guru was waiting for some time after his debut music album Guru Travel Bijapur went to London in the year They met New Boots and singer Arjun in Arjun took Guru with him to his house, where he made Guru sing with a guitar and said, this song we both make together.

Then 2 days later Arjun sent this song to Guru so that he prepared it from The title of this song was Same Girl which came in the year 2012, it was Guru’s first music album. This song is a little work, you are not done but still a lot of favour of Arjun.

Because of Arjun, my real singing career Even after this, the teacher’s struggle In the year 2012, he launched a music If she goes 4, she releases on the speed record YouTube channel. The Guru did not have the money to make this His elder brother works in Canada.

They make Guru’s financial help in making this This song is also not very In the year 2013 and 14, the album named Group Page One was launched with 3 songs. But this time also they did not Guru says that I gave up and stopped going to the Whoever made the song was uploaded to his YouTube channel. At that time 20 to 30 thousand were also raised, which according to today is one or 2 million because at that time more people are not active on internet or YouTube.

What used to be the songs that the Guru used to send to Bohemia at that time, because Bohemia had said that whatever song you make, I must show the year 2015 brought a lot of change in the life of the This year, Guru wrote Patola Song and sent it to Bohemia liked this song very much. Bohemia’s request from red the third music You should give a chance to a new His song is T series company is ready. Patola Song, Guru and Bohemia’s Call App Song was a super hit.

From this song, the Guru spread a lot as well as the T series signed him and also got offers from many Subsequently, in the year 2016, Suit Suit Karada and Tu Meri Rani proved to be his very super hit songs, due to which these songs were given Hindi Medium.

Your Guru has been included in the movie, now Guru is becoming very famous and successful At the same time Guru got a call from the girl in which the proposal of the Guru was rejected. The girl said to the master, I am speaking the If you recognize, then the teacher said in response, I am not saying that and keep the phone.

He the song for that girl, became Ban ja tu meri Rani more successes since Suit Suit song his heart which came in the same year, was well liked, then in July, his High Rated Gabru Song Dance, which got a lot of records. First 5 million views on this song on the first day, which was hardly a song at that time.

The high-class Gabru was the fastest Punjabi song to cross 20–30 million and the song was the fastest to cross the million among non-film songs

This guru became a superstar singer and the rest of his songs Lahore set a separate train for his most famous song for each talk in 2017, hence the highly rated Gabru, Lahore, Made in India, Ishare Tere, Downtown, Suites Suit Karda Ban Ja Meri Rani Song Highest Rated Gabru Song One Billion Views Crossed and Lahore Song Only One Quit Today, Guru is on top of success where every kind of dream is to be fulfilled.

Let’s learn more interesting things about the Friendship Guru.

About Canada

Guru is doing a like consultation in Canada on July There was a fan in the crowd who wanted to take a photo with the Guru but when dry and he did not get a chance, he threw something strong to the Guru.

attack was a fatal wound to the Guru’s eye, on which four stitches had After this, Guru and his team returned from Canada and decided that now he would never start in There is a lot of interesting story behind Guru’s making of Lahore Actually Guru was traveling in Dubai, he had a friend, he met a That friend said one to the teacher, there is a girl who wants to come in your arms, that girl is from Lahore Punjab.

From there the Guru wrote the O lagadi Lahore Di. The Guru says that his dream was to become a singer since Even if he could not become a singer of this big level, he is doing 30 weddings and parties.

used to sing, whom he got 50 or 100₹ Punjabi singer Padaria had accused Guru of seeing all that he had on his YouTube song with a lot of contention because of his allegation that Guru had just said that 5 years from now And there were fewer users on the Internet.

I am engaged and can cut my life in peace, parents have more to do with a luxurious Guru is seen with high standard lifestyle in his But in real life it is the opposite. He loves simple lifestyle and loves spending time in his village. If you follow Guru on social media, then you know about Along with being a Guru, he is also very humble.

Children and helpless people are also seen Arjun Kapoor’s date was Rickman, whoever you want to become, my queen Song should be made from your company, which will be sung by Guru Song praises Akshay Kumar by tweeting that apart from Akshay, many stars were seen praising Guru.

Guru likes to play and watch football the most in Guru likes all songs of Baazigar Movie and Bhojpuri Song Lagave Lu Jab Lipstick is his favorite song he can dance anywhere on this song and says that he has a habit of sleeping late he Want to change.

Guru also performed at the inauguration of Guru’s song Lahore on YouTube. Billboard’s Guru was the first singer in India, whose song was included in Billboard’s list because the list features big names like Michael Jackson Madonna, Guru in his old Friends never say that much. The Guru could not find work in Struggling Time, then Arjun took Guru with him.

After becoming a famous singer like Ram Diya, Guru featured Arjun in his song Suit Suit.bsolutely does not like to have They believe that I am not made for I like to songs at If I start partying then God has brought me to this point, I will probably give it a lot.

That’s why he stays away from all They don’t like to drink nor smoke as much as they are successful, down to earth. Talk about a master’s diet, that he likes to eat more normal home food than cut his bar with normal They have a very busy schedule. That’s why not able to do daily workouts.

In 2017

Guru likes to roam around in new places, roam the beach, he also likes to watch and eat In the year 2017, Guru created a Sad Song, titled Weekend Ray, this song averaged performance on YouTube and Gurukul Trolley for this song.

Had to be because the video of this song was considered a copy of Jane Malik’s video It’s Guru’s Patola Song was featured in the film Blackmail in 2018 but that film was not much success and the song people have already listened to it a Guru’s Riyat for Lahore Song Street Dancer Movie where this song super hit once In 2019, Guru releases Slowly Slowly Song with American rapper Pitbull, which people liked.

About Awards

The song was Guru’s first song which he wrote along with an international song. Your friends talked about Guru Randhawa’s award, but Guru has got many awards, but let us tell you some of the big awards of his IIFA Award for Best Music Director for Sonu Ki Titu Ki Sweety in 2016. Punjabi Music Award for Best Two Groups for Patola Sonu’s Titu Ki Sweety.

For him he received the Mirchi Music Award Talk for his current relationship status to Guru, he is not currently in any open Guru, he has a YouTube Twitter ID in which he is the most active on Guru Street Singer to sleep in Delhi And from there sleep the most and the journey from Bollywood to the floor to Arsh, it has not been easy at all, like Guru’s he is always smiling and no one can guess his difficult mother that the live story of Guru is any Can inspire and this video of mine will throw light on the hard work of the group and he will marry many people this time, because talent is many in our country, but he does not know how to fight difficulties, only few people Are those who do not proceed to fight it.

Physical Status

Height 5’8″
Eye ColorDark Black
Hair ColorDark Black

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