Karl Benz’s full name is Karl Friedrich Benz. He was born on 25, November 1844 in Germany. He was died in the age of 84 years. His father works as a train driver. His father died after 2 years Benz Birth and troubles began in his life. Karl Benz went to study at a local grammar School near his house. When he was about 14 years old he followed his father steps towards locomotive engineering.It used to be about the engineering completed 19 years and after completing all such studies a lot of mechanical engineers worked in the company and they spent about 7 years training and during all this Benz saw that one Do more goals to get from place to place and keep on using the horses as well as animals but we used to do so much and all these reasons made the country very kind to animals and that’s why they had a dream that he would not give up.

Personal Information

Full NameKarl Friedrich Benz
Nick Name Karl Benz
Date of Birth 24 November 1844
Birth Place Germany
Father Name Johann George Benz
Mother NameJosephine Vaillant
Spouse Bertha Benz
Children 5
Date of Death4 April 1929

Carrer of karl Ben.

He used all dowry money to his company and their wife used to support the Benz so much. They have partnered with each other and started working a patent at a low rate, they gave two blokes Engine made and friends on the new year would be found. Becausee it plays the most role in driving a vehicle with the help of petrol and took everything well. A Mini had to force Johnny to join the Very angry with the matter because how and when did 5 percent of his company go out and at the same time demand a lot of money?

Quite upset today, he gave up everything and now it was necessary to run. With his four children and now he lost his life completely but to earn a little money shop everyday, Balam, Evening Worked like an excuse but kept playing solitaire and knew about it after independence. Why not call someone whose name is Best Company Gas Motor in Public & Fabrics started working.

Made three-wheeled, with the help of engine and roller chain, he used to drive on his own. Due to this the stomach area of ​​the vehicle and now his life from here and the total seat in his room started running is known as mercedes-benz.

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